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December 13, 2012
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Jack FrostXReader

"Hey Jack?"


"The stars are pretty today, you know that?"

Jack looks over to you with a raised eyebrow before flashing his signature crooked smile. "That's what you always say whenever we're up here. You always think the stars are pretty."

"Exactly." You let out a small laugh as you prop yourself up beside the silver-haired boy, careful not to fall. "There's nothing wrong with that. I like stars, and it's actually a pretty good conversation starter."


"Well, we would've just laid down here the whole night with nothing to say if I never let it out."

"... Oh, good point." Jack runs a hand through his disheveled locks before he chuckles uneasily with his smile still showing. "Sorry, I'm still not used to this whole 'social interaction' thing since I'm pretty used to being ignored whenever I try talking to someone."

You cringe as he says those words and sit up slightly to flash him a disbelieving expression. "Jack, you have me now. We're friends aren't we? And then there's Jamie and all his other friends. I remember you telling me that the Tooth Fairy is crazy over your teeth and won't stop bugging you about it, and I'm sure North and Sandy are pretty good friends towards you by the sound of it. Heck, I bet you my cookies that Bunny's glad that you guys are cool now."

"Huh, your memory's that good?" Jack smiles at you happily before nodding his head in agreement. "I guess I should try harder to remember I'm not invisible – even less alone - anymore. And I have to remember to stop nipping on people's noses."

"Including mine," you say as you cross yours arms with a playful pout on your lips. The day he nipped at your own nose was the very day you two met. And now you two would always meet up right above your house's rooftop and gaze at whatever was up at the sky, even if it was cold. "Why do you do that anyway?"

He shrugs lazily as he looks up at the starry sky above again. "No reason. Just a habit I developed over the years. It's fun to see other people's expressions whenever I do that."

"Oh yeah? How would you feel if they did that to you?" Suddenly, you're crawling over to his side with your right hand ready. You place it over his face and lightly pinch his nose with your finger and thumb. A look of shock crosses his expression before he rolls over to escape from you. "So how's that? Would you stop nipping at people's noses now?"

"… That was pretty weird," he mumbles quietly to himself before standing up with the help of his staff. He then grins before floating up in the air and creating small snowflakes to surround himself with. "Nah, I probably won't stop nipping at noses. It's still fun, especially when I'm doing it to you." Now you're all flustered and fumble around, trying to think of something smart to say.

"… Well you can't do that to me. Cut it out. It feels funny."

"Nope, I'm not stopping."

"… And I can't stop you, can I?"

"Nah, you can't." In a flash, his face is suddenly inches apart from yours, his mouth nipping at your own nose. You stumble back and look at him in a surprised daze, but he just smirks. "Told you it was fun to see at other people's expressions."

"Not. Funny." You cross your arms as you face away, hints of red quickly spreading all over your face,  but you can't help but smile at his antics.

As you're about to say something, Jack is suddenly at your side again, ruffling your hair playfully like a big brother. "Hey, I've got to go. Man in the Moon y'know. Duty calls."

"What? Already?" you ask as you face him again with a look of disappointment on your face. "Aww, that's no fun. I'm feeling lonely already"

"Hey, I'm the Guardian of Fun. If I leave, all the fun goes with me." A smirk is still on his face as he continues to ruffle your hair. "Just kidding. I'm always with you in spirit. Well, technically speaking. Stop worrying. I'll come back, like every other night. And maybe we'll have snowball fights tomorrow."

As Jack turns and readies himself to leave, instinct takes over you as you run to his side and embrace him from behind. At this, Jack freezes from the sudden physical contact, and you shiver slightly. He's cold, but you don't care. You never did, just as long as he was with you.

"I'm scared," you suddenly say as you hold him tighter. "I'm scared that one day I might stop believing in you, or if this is all just a dream. Or if you don't come back."

He stays silent, not knowing how to reply to something like this. They were all possibilities. Nothing more. That was all they were, and it was unlikely for any of them to be true. But the one thing that worried him is the possibility of you getting taken by Pitch. But he doesn't bring it up nonetheless.

You don't realize that you were holding your breath the whole time until you speak again. "… You'll always come back for me right? And tell me your wild adventures each time?"

You don't see his expression, but you can practically picture out his smile as he shifts slightly for him to hug you back. "Yeah, I will. Don't worry."



A few silent moments pass, and you both let go from each other's embrace. You nod slightly and wave at him with a satisfied smile on your expression. "See you later then Jack."

"Yeah, see you." And with a smile on his own face, he gets up and flies away, leaving a trail of snowflakes in his wake. One snowflake lands on your nose, and you can't help but smile and think that it's a sign showing you'll never be alone again.
I can't think of a good title... :shrug: :iconotlplz: This is just a drabble-ish one shot. Wanted my own take on a JackXReader thingamabob. Tthe only legit pairing I like in RoTG is SweetTooth, and I prefer Jack solo or with me :XD: I wanted to write something platonic. But I think my fangirlism leaked out a little here...

Er... mind telling me your thoughts on this? I'd appreciate it a lot as a beginner at reader inserts :3

I do not own you, RoTG or Jack Frost :P
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mirathomson Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
omg so cute you should add more to it. like pitch comes that night and gives reader a bad nightmare were she is watching herself walking outside trying to escape a snow storm and cant see that jack is right in front of her trying to talk to her!! i have more to it but if you wanna hear it message me.
Zeldaloverrrrrrrr Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Soooooooooooooo CuteeeeeeeeeeeeeHeart Heart Heart Heart 
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Thank you very much ~ <3
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Pfff xD Thank you! c:
uvray12 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Shadowlover2 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
awww so sweet! my big bro
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that was fluffy.absolutely adorable.
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