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January 11, 2013
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Jack Frost X Reader

"Jack, wake up! It's starting!"

Lying down on the snowy ground, the winter spirit lazily obeyed the all-too familiar voice by opening his eyes, only to meet with a stunning sight.

To start off, Jack never really cared for the night sky. He doesn't care about the stars, the cosmos, the numerous galaxies and the vast universe. What mattered to him was his snow days, the other Guardians (yes, even Easter Kangaroo), his friends, his past and Man in the Moon. He didn't pay much attention to anything else. Those were his only priorities for the last 300 years.

But then he saw this spectacular view.

A meteor shower.

Normally, he wouldn't care for this either. He thought in the past that those were just falling stars and nothing more. He was used to the sight of it, even if it rarely happened.

But this time, it felt... different.

Now that he was actually paying attention, the meteor shower looked amazing. Nothing else could come to compare (except for snow, of course). He watched with much fascination in his wide eyes as each one kept falling, making it leave a few streaks of glowing white before it disappeared.

"I told you that I'd make tonight worth your while."

Then there was her.

I can finally see...
That you're right here beside me

Jack stared at the girl to his left as she stood and stared back down at him with eyes dancing from victorious excitement. [y/n] grinned at him mischievously and pointed up at the sky, all childlike. "You've got to admit, this looks pretty awesome right?"

Jack raised both hands in surrender with a crooked smile on his expression. "All right, all right, you got me. This does look cool," he admitted as he stood up. "But snow days are still way better though."

Like the child at heart she was, [y/n] shrugged and stuck her tongue out at him stubbornly in reply to his statement. "Suit yourself Frostie. This is way better than anything you could conjure."

Jack laughed, causing a few snowflakes to drift around them, and pretended that he was injured. "Ouch, that hurt."

I am not my own
For I have been made new

Once he stopped laughing, Jack continued to stare up at the sky. Even if it was just a playful banter, Jack really was a bit hurt by her words. He thought that she loved the snow almost more than anything. To say that something was actually better than his snow... it actually did pain him a little to know that.

As if sensing his discomfort, she hesitantly placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him comfortingly once Jack averted his attention from the ground to her. "Hey, I was kidding. You know I love the snow Jack. Not even weather that'd make cookies rain from the sky could beat your snow days."

Stifling a laugh, Jack recovered from his momentary daze and smirked as he sat up. "I knew you couldn't resist my snow. I mean no one can get enough of winter."

"Well, who could ever get tired of you? Certainly not me."

Please don't let me go
I desperately need you

Jack stared at her blankly and blinked once. Twice. Then thrice. His expression then turned into an all out smirk. "Oh, is that a confession from you?"

"... Huh?"

"Now that you mention it, you rarely ever leave my side nowadays... Stalker?"

"J-Jack!" [y/n] stuttered as she shook her head and hands in denial, cheeks turning red from sheer embarrassment. "You know very well that's not what I mean!"

"Then you do get tired of me?"

"N-Not that either! I, uh," she began nervously and played with the locks of her hair before collapsing on the snowy ground, her cheeks now redder than all tomatoes combined. "I just meant that it's nice to have youuuu... your snow! Yeah! Your snow! And you of course, but mostly your snow!"

She buried her face in her gloved hands, covering up the ever evident red on her cheeks and Jack couldn't help but smirk. He just loved to get her flustered and everything. He couldn't help poking some good fun at her. After all, he is the Guardian of Fun.

Suddenly, she stood up and brushed the snow off her coat, looking away to hide her face from the winter spirit. "Look, I'm going home first. I'll keep watching the meteor shower from my room."

What? Already? But the view here was alright. Jack wondered why she'd want to move, but didn't question it. "Okay, I'll take you home-"

"No, I'll walk. Thanks for the offer though."

I am not my own
For I have been made new

Jack didn't like this. She was all serious now, and he didn't like it when she was serious. So before she could take one step, Jack stood up and grabbed her hand. "Look, if this is what I said, don't worry. I was just kidding-"

"That's the point. You were only kidding." Now she's glaring at him, making the winter spirit flinch. "You don't get what I feel at all," she whispered hoarsely under her breath before pulling away from his grasp and began to walk away.

Jack stared at her, confused. Why? What had he done? He didn't want her to leave yet. He wanted to ask her to stay, at least for a little while longer, but it was like he lost his voice. So he let instinct take over.

He ran after her and pulled her into his embrace.

Please don't let me go

"Don't go yet." Somehow, Jack found his voice back as he placed his head on her shoulder and hugged [y/n] tighter, the closeness making her shiver. "The meteor shower's not over yet, right?"

[y/n] was stunned. Jack Frost was hugging her. The Guardian of Fun was hugging her, and actually wanted her to stay. Was he kidding again? Somehow, she knew this wasn't one of his usual jokes.

[y/n] looked back up at the sky, only to see the meteor shower had already ended. But Jack still hadn't let go of her. And it didn't look like he'd be doing that any time soon. So she did the one logical thing any girl would do at a situation like this.

Hug back.

"No, it's not over yet. I'll stay." Jack visibly relaxed and hid a smile as [y/n] said this. "Just... don't let go, okay?"

I desperately need you

Making sure she's still in his comforting hold, Jack moved his face inches in front of [y/n]'s while grinning and playfully nipping on her nose. "I won't. Not for a long time."
Well, look what happens when I put one song on repeat, and this song happens to remind me of Jack Frost. :iconpokerface3plz: I was sick when typing this up. DON'T JUDGE ME ;v; Inspired by the song Meteor Shower by Owl City. Go listen to it this instant! Despite its length, the song has a beautiful tune, and the lyrics are just sweet :heart:

Welp, hope y'all enjoy my 2nd Jack X Reader! I know I'm not the best at it, but I really am trying... :iconroxascornerplz: This can be considered a sequel to my 1st one called Snowflakes and Stars but eh, they're not entirely connected, except for the fact that they involve the night sky >w> *obsessed with stars (is that a bad thing?)*

Feedback is appreciated once again! Again, I'm a beginner at this insert stuff ;v; Fuck, I think the ending's cliche'd

The song Meteor Shower belongs to the ever amazing Owl City
:iconjackfrostguardianplz: belongs to the geniuses of Dreamworks
You belong to :iconjackfrostguardianplz:~
But the fanfic is mine, so please do not take c:
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